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Think about it...

Why must you give up your excellent spreadsheets in order to introduce a new erp system?  Should computer systems dictate how you run your business, how you manage your data, how you organize your business processes!?


Should computer software packages adapt to your business procedures... or should it be mandatory for your business processes to be reorganized to meet the specs. of vendor systems?

Seems like there are people out there who believe that they know how to run your business better than you, even though you may have successfully done so for decades!

We think different.  You have fine tuned your business processes from years of experience and it is our job to provide you programs that fit your business rather than bend you business.

Thus, we have released AppscelTM, an application framework, that allows you to reorganize your spreadsheets into a top branded industry standard robust database system implemented and deployed in record time, within days if not hours.  

Why should you move to a database system?

This is now generally accepted, however, in a nutshell, it allows you to:

  • Centralize all your data
  • Share it
  • Secure it
  • Reduce redundancy
  • Bonus!  Per established research, efficient use of a database system is likely to increase your revenues by over 14%
  • Spreadsheet Vs Databases

And, why should you use AppscelTM?

  • All screens/reports work and look like spreadsheets (with toggle to single-rec view)
  • Mission critical, distributed, multi-user, database application systems directly from requirements:
    • Hardly any Testing required
    • Hardly any Training required
    • Low to no Maintenance
    • Flexible like a spreadsheet, add/remove, sum/count, find/sort, and more.
    • Historically, greater than 50% of development projects fail miserably... not so with AppscelTM, since version 1 of the system is usually implemented on the very same day.
    • Requirements can keep changing, AppscelTM will keep adapting...

And, with AppscelTM you can Keep Excel'ing., even after implementing a multi-user multi-tier database system. Please take a moment to sign up and review AppscelTM.


Pleasure seeing you Excel !!